Message of Darkness

Dark Messages

Synchronicities occur when an intelligent entity is organizing circumstances to project a message..

We get the message and feel as if something clearly has been communicated from another realm..

What we don’t often talk about are orchestrated messages from the dark side..

These can be just as strong and seemingly coincidental as a message of hope and truth..

The difference is simple, if you are the target of a message of darkness, the result will be fear, doubt, anxiety, shame, discouragement sometimes even despair..

Just as you would open yourself up to a message of hope and life and follow it fully, with just as much determination, please reject and turn away from messages of darkness..

Recognize what is happening and protect your heart from the downward spiral that follows when we receive dark messages..

tony gilotte

Let it rise

As the sun lifts is warm rays upon us this morning,

let us meet her shine with an open rising heart..

Life is upon us for yet another day and we are the privileged,

to walk upon the earth and behold her beauties and glories..

A reflection of creative genius On a scale inconceivable to us,

marred by our ugliness and darkness yet not diminished..

May we rise up above our darkness into the light of a new day!

tony gilotte

The Observer

Someone needs to be here. sitting by the sea, watching the waves rhythmically move at the pace of the oceans massive movements. To watch the sun move across the sky from east to west, to see the gulls come and go for prey. To feel the movements of soul bringing all to pass.

There is a mighty power in this observation. The awareness of an immense beauty behind it all. The source of every wave and grain of sand, passionately pulsating life in every movement, truth in every moment. The observer is still and knows the majestic is speaking.

Our lives have been built around activity and action, motion and momentum. We have not allowed space and time for the observer. He has to take a stand for his own calling and hearts leading. She must call such a life into being by the power of her own imaginings. This world will not offer it to him. There will be no course on it or recruitment to it.

Yet the world needs this prophet to stand tall on his own, more than it knows. The stressed out, worked out, worried out, soul of modern society, needs the calm still powerful voice of the one who has been set aside for this hearing.

The message he brings to the world, may seem like it is from another, but if any place is given to it, it will stir in him a deep desire to return to his true self. Every heart is yearning for the beauty and truth that the observer will reveal to the world.

You may wonder what he is doing out there, why he seems afar off, one day you will know and be glad she had the courage to refuse the pull of the world and answer the deeper stronger pull of the current of her soul.

tony gilotte

New Pages

I awoke this morning with a very interesting awareness. The fact that I am here for another day, that my life continues into this day, gives me a fresh new page to write upon. My story is not done being written.

My new page gives me an opportunity to continue to write my story. One day, for this life time, it will be written and complete, but not today. Today I will continue to set my intention and build my life and put my gift and calling out into the world.

I ask you today, will you take this fresh new day as an opportunity to show the world who you are and why you are here? Will you embrace it as a chance to keep writing your story in this world? I hope you will, the world will be a better place if you do.

tony gilotte


So Connected

I don’t get through many days without feeling the real awareness that my inner being is connected to something so much bigger then me. I feel the magnetic pull like  the rain is drawn to fall to earth and absorb into the ground. like the snow longs to cover the brown barrenness of winter. Like the waves of the sea racing to find the shore so that they can lay claim upon her soft sand.

Driving along during a busy rush hour, I can look up into the sky and see the soaring birds wandering through currents of air, sun beaming through broken clouds, and i am filled with this sense of connection again. The slightest movements and subtlest of activity can cause my inner being to flow over with a sense of awe.

This experience is not always conducive to a life in modern society. I spent a lot of time, looking for or experiencing these types of moments and therefore, there are other activities that some would consider more profitable, that I am not engaging in. In a society were seconds count to determine who gets ahead, this kind of living can cause one to be miss the striving that characterizes most modern lives.

Yet, take heart, the universe is a beautiful place, and those who take notice at the cost of stepping off the rails of chaos, in the long run, will experience true success and fulfillment. The reality that we are connected to the source of all that is, to all living creatures, that we are made of star dust, makes us so much more then we imagine ourselves to be.

The next time you feel that magnetic draw within, listen to it, follow it, go to the woods, or the lake, look up to the sky, be quiet, listen to the inner voice and wonders will happen.

tony gilotte


Find Your Mountain 

Find Your Mountain 
The mystic in me wants to climb,

to find a space high above..
To be awake and aware,

a power stirring within..
Life and love in its grasp,

Casting it out across the universe..
For reasons unknown to us,

we are a part of this reality..
Chosen to experience,

the miracle of being alive..
Why are we not more in awe..

Why so coy about the sun rising?
Massive forces at work all around us,

yet we are caressed by slight movements..
Cocooned as if in the womb,

by the creative power over all..
I stand upon my mountain,

breathing in the moment,

Thankful to be alive,

To know that I AM,

a part of the wonderful, mystery..
With love,

Tony Gilotte


 Having done all,


Having put out all prayers,intercessions, intentions and vibrations..


Having wrestled over and toiled under and worked through..


There is a time to just wait.. 

There is a time to look at distant horizon ..

There is a time to watch the skys..

There is a time to know you have done all you can..

There is a time to watch for the universe to move the pieces into place..

There is a time to trust God to move ..

There is a time to be still..

Your soul knows when it is time to wait,

 A still voice will tell you quietly..
With Love,