Message of Darkness

Dark Messages

Synchronicities occur when an intelligent entity is organizing circumstances to project a message..

We get the message and feel as if something clearly has been communicated from another realm..

What we don’t often talk about are orchestrated messages from the dark side..

These can be just as strong and seemingly coincidental as a message of hope and truth..

The difference is simple, if you are the target of a message of darkness, the result will be fear, doubt, anxiety, shame, discouragement sometimes even despair..

Just as you would open yourself up to a message of hope and life and follow it fully, with just as much determination, please reject and turn away from messages of darkness..

Recognize what is happening and protect your heart from the downward spiral that follows when we receive dark messages..

tony gilotte

Let it rise

As the sun lifts is warm rays upon us this morning,

let us meet her shine with an open rising heart..

Life is upon us for yet another day and we are the privileged,

to walk upon the earth and behold her beauties and glories..

A reflection of creative genius On a scale inconceivable to us,

marred by our ugliness and darkness yet not diminished..

May we rise up above our darkness into the light of a new day!

tony gilotte

Warrior Spirit

Warrior Spirit

The deep scares are not from sword or spear but from battles for truth and love and beauty..

In a cynical world which mocks the pursuit of dreams and passions a warrior spirit is needed..

Stand strong against the forces which strive to take down the open hearted free spirits of this world..

The entire universe conspires with and in fact is of such a spirit so be bold and brave in perseverance..

Seeing what is unseen and knowing what is unknown to this world of materialist, we press on toward the mark..

Knowing that faith, hope and love will prevail over all the assaults against it..

With love,


Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection

Staying connected to spirit is something we must work at..

If we are to busy to mediate or pray, to seek inspiration, follow our passion..

If we start to feed doubts and seed fears instead of our faith and hope..

We may find ourselves feeling disconnected and farther away from the consciousness of a spiritual life..

Abide in spirit, stay connected, nurture the relationship and it will stay strong..

Dream, trust, step out in child like joy, for the wonder of a deep spiritual connection..

For the journey,


Be Acted Upon 

Be Acted Upon 
As I sit in mediation and prayer this morning, I look up at the tree that I’m sitting under. I’m thinking about how this tree got here, how it grew to its height and stature it has today. It is a refuge to birds and many creatures,shade for man and beast, a beautiful demonstration of the many seasons of life and color and creative power. 

How has it become such a testimony to gods goodness? It did not plant itself nor did it grow of its own accord. Its roots finding nourishment in the ground and its strength to stand tall in the storm, all of this came from its maker. It was in the seed and it was brought to bear upon it. 

Our lives are the same. All the we are and will become, all that we need to be all that we were created to be, is already in us. It was placed in the seed. It is being acted upon us by our creator. 

This is true of all of nature and it is true of you. So what do we do to be acted upon? We do what we are. We live our lives in each moment allowing God to act upon us, we surrender to this divine activity. When wind comes we stand strong and let our root system take over. When it rains we absorb the refreshing waters and wait for the sun, when it is hot we trust the reserve will get us to cooler days, when we feel the sting of the cold upon our branches, we seek warmth from within until spring returns, when the buds of new life and new opportunities form, we let go of yesterday and move into the newness ahead, when glorious colors of maturity and wisdom shine forth we enjoy the fruit of our labors. All seasons of life, we allow ourselves to be acted upon and we trust that the creator has given us what we need for what is being experienced. 
With Love,



Live Life Like You Mean It.

In honor of our Friend Scott Dana Smith, who left this world to ” the ultimate joy” this week. 

How many times do we find ourselves complaining instead of complimenting ?
How often do we miss opportunities for joy because we of negative defeatist mindset?
How many hours and days do we waste being cynical instead of faith filled?
Problems consume us while possibilities pass us by. Stuck in fear while our true power to live overcoming lives stays dormant under a blanket of heartlessness. 
Days pass and turn into years and before we know it, we may be missing our lives while they pass us by. 
The sun rises for you to give you light,the rain falls to earth for you to feed your body, the stars shine brightly at night to draw out your dreams and vision, the birds sing to lift up your heart and take away your sorrows, today comes after yesterday and before tomorrow to give you a fresh canvas to create your beauty. Every moment is a gift. Every hour to be revered. The brevity of life, the uncertainty of tomorrow, the magnificent mystery of the unknown providence of God upon all of the universe that we call home, calls us to live with courage and unabated joy. Each moment to be fully embraced with all we have. The life of our friend who has come to its end on this side of eternity, compels us to stop living, half alive and to start embracing the moments we have left and living them with the vigor that matched the value of the gift of life.. 

With Love,
Tony Gilotte