Turn Toward Peace

The truth is each crossroads we have in relationship to others, is an opportunity to turn towards peace or to become entangled in conflict.

In relationships to those closest to us, to family and loved ones, children and spouses, coworkers and friends, we can hold the high road for resolution and reconciliation or deteriorate toward struggle separation and conflict.

Relationships are not static and nothing is automatic or guaranteed. How many intimate connections, marriages, had high hopes only to fall, in time into struggle and separation.

Many new careers start with high hopes only to end in divisive conflict. Parent and child relationships are no guarantee of peaceful coexistence, quite the contrary, often this is the worst effect of deterioration.

Peace is the only avenue to long term success in any connection. We all will disappoint and be disappointed, we all will fall short of expectations and we all will have moments and even seasons when we are not our best selves.

If you will love peace and pursue it, you will find the key to navigating the tumultuous sea of relationships and without having to compromise your self and your integrity, you will, at least for your own side of the equation, be at peace..

tony gilotte