Own it

Own It

No one really controls your life except you and those whom we give this power too.

We sometimes fall into thinking that we are powerless. That god or forces larger then us have all the power.

The truth is that we have been given dominion over our lives and our environment.

We can create what we want in our lives and refuse what we don’t want.

The issue is often that we have abdicated this power and instead, react to whatever comes our way.

I hope these words don’t offend, I am saying them to myself as much as sharing them in this writing..

I need to own my desires and create a life that allows me to be my fullest outward expression of me..

This is what we have been put here to do, each moment, each day, is a fresh opportunity..

I love you and I wish for you, as for myself, a life that aligns with who I am..

I hope together, we can take strides toward making the next stages of our lives, a time of great fulfillment…

tony gilotte


There is magic all around us, everything is covered in mysterious wonder..

Imagine if a starry night appeared for the first time..

All of the activity of men would cease, everyone would be looking up in awe..

Imagine if we discovered the first ocean, would we not stand on the shore forever looking out in amazement..

How about the beauty of a women’s eyes seen for the first glance, we would be lost in the intensity..

The universe is filled with such wonders innumerable, our taking notice determines our richness or poverty of spirit..

My wooing you with my song of words is meant to stir your soul awake tonight…

Sleep when the mystery has filled you so full that you can only lie down in the rich green pastures…

Until then go against the flow and sit in the darkness listening to your hungry soul cry out for the feeding that only comes from beholding beauty…



I will cry

Move forward over,

unchartered waters..

Don’t look back,

the past will not return..

The vessel is for traveling,

not for holding ground..

I love you deeply,

my heart longs for your joy..

To see you open faced,

looking into the sky..

Embrace it all,

thirst will be quenched..

That fire within,

don’t let it be snuffed..

Your alive for this,

now is the time for you..

I will rejoice with you,

I will cry tears of pleasure..

As you fight,

to keep your wings spread..

Your magnificence,

is known to me..

I know who you are,

An angel,

covered in flesh..

Beautiful to behold..


On the freaking precipice

Do you have any idea how close you are to becoming free, to having your creative expression used as a flow of the spirit to touch many people?

Your so close to that turn on your path that is going to bring you right before your emerald palace, your dream realized..

Can’t you feel it? While you wrestle with doubt and fear not being worthy, there is still that small and yet powerful voice that is saying, you are going to change the world!

Do not give up, do not accept no for an answer, do not settle for less then your deep heart longs for and do not, please for the sake of all who are in your world, do not turn back now..

You are on the freaking precipice of a breakthrough, a few more steps to the moment you have been awaiting, and oh how sweet it is going to be..

In Awe

It’s all right in front of me,

universes of beauty and mesmerizing complexity..

Heart aflame with an awe that makes my soul overflow with a mixture of gratitude and overwhelming adoration..

What kind of spirit made all of this? What being has such power and genius? The wonder of god is causing my mind to yield to the mystery and pure majesty of being alive to even contemplate such things..

Why am I here and how did I get here, in this body, on this planet, in this speck of dust in this massive universe? Why do I have this consciousness and awareness that I am me and that I am alive?

Who’s idea was I and why am I me and not someone else? I love the god who made me simply because of how beautiful everything is that has been made, therefore I love me, I love my mind and my body and my person, I love me because I am a part of all of this beauty..

Therefore I also love you and all other creatures, you are here in the same mystery as I am, your unique and beautiful you, the birds, the animals, the insects, the trees, the oceans, the rivers, all my siblings and my friends..

I am in awe of it all, a wonder of universal proportions, I step out into this world filled with the glory of this moment..

tony gilotte

Scared to life

I woke at 3 am with a gasp, trying to breath and wondering if I would be able to get another breath. I sat there paralyzed in fear for seconds that seemed like minutes. I then felt my lungs open and life was sustained.

I lay back down with a mixture of fear and gratitude. I fell back to sleep and dreamt of being a spirit and traveling into and out of my body and how actually natural it was. I could leave in my minds eye and go to places unseen in this world.

When I returned I felt at home but also felt that this home really was just temporary. When I woke I had vague memories of my travels. Life felt so much more alive this morning, like a child’s attention on a spring morning when every sight and smell was amplified.

My dull senses seemed to be electrified and everything felt better. I felt awakened and fire was moving through my veins. I realized that nothing I desired to be was beyond my realm of possibility.

I set out to live out the miracles of my callings and longings with no fear or doubt and refuse to ever live that way again. There is to much life in me to live it without the glorious knowing of a renewed spirit..

tony gilotte

The Spiritual Pattern of Christmas

The Spiritual Pattern of Christmas

The birth of Jesus is the centerpiece of our celebration of Christmas.

Mary’s experience culminating in the Nativity, reveals a spiritual pattern.

This pattern is a guide for our spiritual experience today.

Inspiration – A spiritual pattern always begins with inspiration. The angelic appearance inspired Mary and was the beginning point in a spiritual event that shaped history.

Intention – When we experience inspiration we set our intention. In Mary’s song she declares her faith and now sees her mission or purpose

Impossibility -Mary is found wondering how this can be. when we are given a spiritual promise it often is beyond our ability but never beyond Gods.

Imagination – Mary decides to ponder things in her heart. She is seeing in her minds eye, the dream come to pass.Imagination is faith watering seeds from inspiration.

Incarnation – Eventually Mary is with child in a miraculous way.As time passes what was God’s dream for us, becomes our dream for us. It is now inside of us. once this takes place birth is just a matter of time.

Interference – The census from Rome made for a challenge to the dream. The expectant mother and family are uprooted. There are trials that will seem to threaten the birth of the dream. As it turns out, it is getting us in the right place. The frantic move results in Bethlehem being the place of birth foretold centuries before.

Inception- The birth of Jesus demonstrates that the day of birth will come, the dream will come forth and be realized..

Infinity – the wise men came , the shepherds also, all inspired to do so. the birth brings inspiration starting the pattern all over again and is set for infinite repeat.

Once this pattern of spiritual life occurs divine blessings is our inheritance.

Merry Christmas

tony gilotte