Message of Darkness

Dark Messages

Synchronicities occur when an intelligent entity is organizing circumstances to project a message..

We get the message and feel as if something clearly has been communicated from another realm..

What we don’t often talk about are orchestrated messages from the dark side..

These can be just as strong and seemingly coincidental as a message of hope and truth..

The difference is simple, if you are the target of a message of darkness, the result will be fear, doubt, anxiety, shame, discouragement sometimes even despair..

Just as you would open yourself up to a message of hope and life and follow it fully, with just as much determination, please reject and turn away from messages of darkness..

Recognize what is happening and protect your heart from the downward spiral that follows when we receive dark messages..

tony gilotte

Let it rise

As the sun lifts is warm rays upon us this morning,

let us meet her shine with an open rising heart..

Life is upon us for yet another day and we are the privileged,

to walk upon the earth and behold her beauties and glories..

A reflection of creative genius On a scale inconceivable to us,

marred by our ugliness and darkness yet not diminished..

May we rise up above our darkness into the light of a new day!

tony gilotte

Warrior Spirit

Warrior Spirit

The deep scares are not from sword or spear but from battles for truth and love and beauty..

In a cynical world which mocks the pursuit of dreams and passions a warrior spirit is needed..

Stand strong against the forces which strive to take down the open hearted free spirits of this world..

The entire universe conspires with and in fact is of such a spirit so be bold and brave in perseverance..

Seeing what is unseen and knowing what is unknown to this world of materialist, we press on toward the mark..

Knowing that faith, hope and love will prevail over all the assaults against it..

With love,


Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection

Staying connected to spirit is something we must work at..

If we are to busy to mediate or pray, to seek inspiration, follow our passion..

If we start to feed doubts and seed fears instead of our faith and hope..

We may find ourselves feeling disconnected and farther away from the consciousness of a spiritual life..

Abide in spirit, stay connected, nurture the relationship and it will stay strong..

Dream, trust, step out in child like joy, for the wonder of a deep spiritual connection..

For the journey,


Path of Wonder

Path of Wonder

As a conceiver I am projecting the seed of what I desire by internalizing the feeling of it now in my imagination and allowing a new consciousness to form and create an entirely new reality.

I have this power in every though, in every feeling. I must take this power seriously and use it to become who I am longing to be. I owe this to myself and to the world.

The past has absolutely nothing to say here. It is powerless unless I give it power by recreating it as I dwell on it in my thinking and feeling.

What is it that I long to become? I AM that now, it is mine to manifest and I have all the power to do it within me. It does not depend on any other entity.

The power of your imagination to generate the actual feeling of the desired state, is a powerful precursor to the new life coming into being.

Do not be persuaded to give up on your dream since that is the only thing that can keep it from coming to pass. You will fulfill your own prophecy either way.

When you can elevate your consciousness to such a space on a regular basis, you will find the universe around you, showing up with all kinds of affirmations and omens to lead you and to energize you.

Once you are in such a state it would be very hard to step back into the uncertainty of your own doubts and fears. You will feel the difference dramatically if and when that happens.

The desire itself comes from a mysterious soulful place and when you link that with the fact that your passions, skills and abilities match the desired state, you recognize an intelligence of immense proportions at work in the miracle of you.

I will not waste another waking or sleeping moment on what was or what is not. I will use all of my faculties and this immense power given to me, to project my seed of thoughts and feelings to create this new consciousness.

Will you join me in this path of wonders and live each moment in it? It is a path that can accommodate your greatest imaginings. It is awaiting your presence with great anticipation and a storehouse of amazement.

With love,


Time Slows 

The race against time is a mistake,

A race that accelerates the very thing we are trying to beat.

The more we race the faster time will move.
Yes I do mean to say we can speed up the passage of time,
And we also can slow it down. 
The more we are consumed with the past and future and less with the here and now, the more we lose the unwinable  race..
If, however, we allow ourselves to sit down and not race,
To be in the seat of the observer watching the moment that we are in at all moments, we will slow time. 
Sit down even when your day is filled with work and strains and worry and fears, sit down on the inside and be the observer that you truly are. 
This is your true state of being, of awareness, of soul. 
In this state you recognize that you are not your thoughts because you observe them coming and going like leaves from a tree washing down stream on the river.
You see your emotions rise and diminish like waves coming toward the shore, having there moment and then disappearing back into the sea from which they came.
You see your outer experiences coming and going, events, people, problems, obligations, relationships. All of it, separate from the you, the observer, aware of all moment by moment. 
When you sit down in this place of the soul, you slow down time, your no longer in a race against something that is ultimately just a circle anyway. Time is a continuum for us to experience the eternal in the present. It’s a vehicle for soul to experience life in this created universe. 
The race that causes us to lose instead of gain is a futile venture from the beginning, at any point that you may be involved with it, and in its demoralizing, regretful ending.
What do I do to stop this race and slow down time? I just sit down on the inside and become the observer of everything, taking it all in, moment by moment, here and now, like the child in all of us. 
Not consumed with the past or fretful about the future, with all of the stuff that’s unsure, still unsure, with all of the things out of your control, still out of your control, with all the things that need fixing, still needing fixing, with all the goals and dreams unfulfilled, still unfulfilled, sit down, be still inside, wether in traffic or in a business meeting or doing homework with the kids, or laying in bed at 3am or in the middle of incredible challenge.. 
You control, the person inside, the real you, and that you can stop the race against time and start the union with time by living in each moment as the observer of the entity called your life..
With Love,

Forget The Old Embrace the New

Once again the calendar turns to a new month! Once again a, not so subtle reminder that time keeps marching forward, and so should I.
I am moving on, from whatever didn’t work out just right and from the many times I’ve failed, tried again, failed and tried some more.
I am letting go of the good that I have accomplished for the better. My successes of tomorrow may look different then in the past. I’m likely going to be stretched and challenged in areas I have never experienced and want to revert back to what I know or knew, and what I am comfortable with and rest on that, but I remind myself today, not to do that. To go with the stretching that is coming so that I can expand my usefulness and influence and grow into the next phase of myself.
I am saying goodbye to what I cannot hold onto and reaching forth with empty hands and full heart to what is in front of me with anticipation, childlike faith, and joyful intention.
My friends please join me on this continual journey of letting go and embracing!