Children of Hope

Children of Hope

Still small voice,

please speak..

Deep within,

a fountain resides..

Stop looking without,

all is within you..

We can co-create,

nothing is impossible..

See yourself,

being your hearts desire..

Can you feel that,

this is your true joy..

You must say no,

to doubt always..

It only has power,

if you allow it space..

Greater glory,

is my plan for you..

A vision transferred,

from gods heart to yours..

Choose this,

among all choices..

Give your whole heart,

to the pursuit..

Stage of life,

makes no difference..

The quiet voice,

shouts within..

Make each moment,

a seed for your dream..

Fight the battle,

for space of mind..

Intentions receive,

highest energy..

Unfolding fulfillment,

yours for the enjoyment,,

This is the lot,

of children of hope..

tony gilotte


The universe’s massive scale is sometimes a bewilderment. What is out  there and why are we so seemingly tiny in comparison? The answer to these questions have bewildered men and women since time dawned. The more we explore and learn about the universe, the more puzzling the scale of things becomes. Yet there is a metaphysical clue.

 When one looks within, at the nature of the human soul, we realize that immense space is not as unfamiliar as we might think. There is a similar immensity within. The soul is a vast inner space with no perceivable end. This can be just as puzzling and disconcerting as our gaze into the heavens above, and yet, there is a kinship in this awe.

The human soul, it turns out, is made for space, for free, unbridled, seeking and searching and creating and exploring our depths and capacities and dreams and mysteries. We would not be happy if we found the parameters of the universe, we would be claustrophobic if we suddenly approached the full understanding of all mystery and wonder.

We must have a large space to grow in and to stretch in, a space of possibilities, of miracles and of dreams to bring to pass. The creator has created co creators and we must imagine our passions and callings into reality. this takes free, open, exploration of the immensity and infinity of our enviroment within and without.

tony gilotte

Finding Your Voice

There is a song,

it is faint but persistent..

Most don’t hear,

it requires a listening heart..

The world is a loud place,

getting quiet is for the bold…

She that has ears to hear,

let her hear..

The song is your voice,

your deepest heart expression..

Your own creation,

unique to you alone…

When you listen,

you are prepared to sing..

The world will know,

something special in this hearing..

Photo of my daughter ( Bri Nicole) one who has found her voice

tony gilotte

Be Yourself

Your true nature is your gift to this world, if you hide this to be what others think you should be, you will deny the world yourself and live half a life..

Your self is a light beam of the divine nature that can only be seen in this world for men, women, angels and spirits, if you will let it shine forth..

To do so you must find yourself, by spending time within, observing your gifts and desires, passions and non negotiable inner convictions..

but this is not enough alone, for many know themselves well but have silenced their voice in the world for the sake of conforming acceptance or supposed peaceful coexistence..

Courage is required, yet the strength and boldness that courage needs to be demonstrated, are in the DNA of the true self..

It is time for you to let you have your time to shine..

tony gilotte


Reality or my dreams,

I say my dreams becoming reality..

Every second of life is poetic,

beauty in every breath..

Storms or sunshine,

truth is pouring forth from both..

Sentient being,

aware of existence..

This is enough,

to fill cathedrals..

Natures magnificence,

a bonus of abundance..

Each though,

A seed of potential..

Creative power,

transferred from my source..

My soul sours,

to the sea of my wandering..

In awe of being alive,

standing on my pinnacle..

This is my moment,

I will have my way with it..

Watch me step out,

onto the sea of possibility..

Poetic is the moment,

that I realize my own power..

tony gilotte

The Observer

Someone needs to be here. sitting by the sea, watching the waves rhythmically move at the pace of the oceans massive movements. To watch the sun move across the sky from east to west, to see the gulls come and go for prey. To feel the movements of soul bringing all to pass.

There is a mighty power in this observation. The awareness of an immense beauty behind it all. The source of every wave and grain of sand, passionately pulsating life in every movement, truth in every moment. The observer is still and knows the majestic is speaking.

Our lives have been built around activity and action, motion and momentum. We have not allowed space and time for the observer. He has to take a stand for his own calling and hearts leading. She must call such a life into being by the power of her own imaginings. This world will not offer it to him. There will be no course on it or recruitment to it.

Yet the world needs this prophet to stand tall on his own, more than it knows. The stressed out, worked out, worried out, soul of modern society, needs the calm still powerful voice of the one who has been set aside for this hearing.

The message he brings to the world, may seem like it is from another, but if any place is given to it, it will stir in him a deep desire to return to his true self. Every heart is yearning for the beauty and truth that the observer will reveal to the world.

You may wonder what he is doing out there, why he seems afar off, one day you will know and be glad she had the courage to refuse the pull of the world and answer the deeper stronger pull of the current of her soul.

tony gilotte