We are alive and we know it. There is a force of awareness within us that gives us a knowing that we exist and that we are more then a machine. This awareness sits back behind our actions and every our thoughts and observes everything. This place of consciousness sages believe is our spirit. This part of me that is eternal and ethereal and non physical. 

The home of our conciousness happens to be for us now, our bodies. We don’t know where we were before most of the time. Although some people have sense of and vision of past life experience. But for the most part this experience of life is segmented from the past. We also do not know what is beyond our life in this body because we have not traveled there yet. We wonder about it and can be paralyzed by fear and anxiety about it. 

We do know however, that we exist within this body and when we think deep enough about it, we become aware that we are separate from our body in the true essence of our self. When we have this awareness an inner light is turning on which is called by some, unlightenment. 

If you are having experiences like this, follow it and open yourself up to it as fully as you can. It will lead to depth and knowledge of spiritual life and you will become a person who knows what was seemingly unknowable. 

You will be able to see the spirit and life force behind everything in the universe including you and will have a knowing that your conciousness, your exsistence is connected and linked with all other life in every corner of the universe.

With love,