Defeat was once our enemy,
to be avoided at all costs.
The seasoned man knows better,
willing to bear his cross.

Suffering and challenges,
make him strong and true.
So that he might be a beacon,
for people like me and you.

With each passing battle,
his gracious spirit grows,
His life has become a river,
where love so freely flows.

I see his weathered smile,
which speaks more then many a book.
my soul in weary trials,
is lifted by his concerned look.

Seasoned by life life’s trials,
and not giving in to pain,
He turns us toward this truth,
that our own lose is often gain..



Winters Lonliness

I went hiking yesterday through lonely woods to high rocky cliffs on cold windy day.. It was exhilarating to be out in nature, alone with the woods. No people around, the hint of deer near by with tracks in the snow, Hawks circling above looking for winters meal. Wind blowing in tops of empty trees holding on with decades of experience as they wait upon the new freshness of spring.. I was alone, but not alone. I felt a presence, I cannot describe what the presence is, I’ll leave that to interpretation, I only know it was real, powerful, invigorating, life imparting, I could breath it in and felt it deeply, more alive in that moment then I can describe.. I love Winters Loneliness and I will try to meet her there as often as I can before she leaves for springs arrival.




Those moments when all of the elements come together for a moment of spectacular and miraculous beauty..
You have to pay attention and be in the moment or you will miss such moments..
They come of there own accord and you cannot force them or manipulate them..
You can only be open to them and when they enter your life from time to time, rejoice in them, suck up every second of such a moment and receive the incredible energy and joy that comes your way..
The mystery and majesty of synchronicity is one of the most powerful life experiences .
Though we cannot force, predict or control such moments we can be on keen awareness and look out for them, see signs that the ” perfect storm” may be coming and once we experience such moments, we can linger in them with memory and mediation..
God loves to touch us in such surprising and moving and real moments like this,
Stay open to the miraculous in your life..




Lessons on pilgrimage
our lives are a pilgrimage in the sense that each day we are in new terrain experiencing new challenges and opportunities, in the moment everything is new and our lives are just a long series of new moments culminating in a lifetime. This writing is more like a mussing over aspects of my own pilgrimage and thoughts I would like to pass along..

– We start off faster then we finish
adrenaline, enthusiasm, dreams unrealized, prior to set backs etc. Be cautious of starting out to fast, pace yourself. Something’s just take time and can’t be hurried.

– We notice more beauty later in the journey
when we are moving fast we miss a lot that was meant for us to see, when we slow down, we take notice and see the beauty of life that was right there in front of us all the time.

– We accept pain as a part of walking forward
walk long enough and climb a few hills along the way and you will begin to hurt, pains that you never felt before will become part of your life. In order to continue we have little choice but to accept pain as a part of our lives.

– We will have plenty along the way to support us
yes there will be pain, but also many comforts, beautiful surroundings,people at the right place at the right time, needs met in ways we never saw coming, we make it through because there is help along the way.

– We are not alone on the path
there will be times in isolation but also many days walking where someone or many someones are walking beside us, becoming friends and fellow travelers, we keep each other company and try to help each other avoid loneliness.

– We are all at a different place on our own pilgrimage
though there will be many others along the path, all will be in a different place then each other, we all have our own lives to live and purposes to fulfill and so our walks are all distinctive and incredibly unique.

– We will find places to rest when we are weary
there will be times when our weariness will be met by a green pasture or still water, an opportunity to rest, we must respond to such times and not try to work our way through them, if we do we will not have strength for what is to come.

– We have no where to go but forward
a common experience on many a pilgrimage is the striking moment when we become afraid because of how far away we become from what was familiar and safe, this can cause us to want to turn back in a hurry but we cannot, the past is now an illusion , it’s not really there and there is nothing to go back to.

– We will come across unexpected detours
many days we will have a certain plan but then suddenly the road is blocked or we get detoured through a totally different path, in such times it is easy to get discouraged because we don’t know exactly how to get back and we know we are losing valuable time.

– We will learn much wisdom if we stay open to lessons
everything that is happening along your pilgrimage is meant to teach us something about ourselves about life , about god, about others.. Staying open is the result of living in the moment that is right now, do not give into fear, fear closes us up to lessons of truth.

– We will get to the end of our path at an appointed time.
One day the pilgrimage will end, that moment is not determined by us but god himself so we must live each day knowing that we have more to see and to learn and to experience, because one day the pilgrimage will end ..



Listen for The Whisper

The rock is strong because the earth is strong,..

– others have been here before and there lives linger in the air, in the trees, in the rocks, we breath in what they breathed out..we owe them some acknowledgment, gratitude, this is not ours ( the earth) it is on loan to us for our time here and we are responsible for how we handle it. If we act like it is infinite and we are eternal we will misuse it and leave it less then we found it .. That would be a tragedy . If the spirit of men and women who lived in this place could speak what would they tell us..?
They saw its beauty, the called it home , they stood in awe by night . The asked questions that had no answer but understood that the question asked made them a part of a universal desire to know .. The infinite majesty of all that is conscious and alive, awareness was and is our link to them..
I hear a faint voice of one who has life worn face and wisdom of the ancients ..speaking lovingly to my heart .. Next to me on this rock of earth rising above the trees , this place he called home, him and his tribe, he is still connected to this place and to this earth , bound to an oath to be her keeper, he says to me.. Make it count, live your life for the good of all creatures and not for yourself alone, fill your sphere with compassion and defend the defenseless, don’t let suffering continue and turn a blind eye or deaf ear, when you do , you join your for fathers who brutally abused the earth and there children’s children who continue to steal from her storehouses with no sense of value or proportion .. Unless you fight for what is right and just ..

I know this voice has much to say and I decide that I will be willing to be a channel for its wisdom and expression .. I will come here and listen for the whisper ..



Love Now

No tomorrow will be in today
Yesterday will not return here
All I can do is be in the now,
And live my life without fear.
I free myself from the guilt or regret
From past failures struggles and pains,
I will not be anxious about what might be
In tomorrow’s loses or gains..
Now is mine and I grasp it with all my conscious
Souls height, depth and length,
To drink every moment of life in this vine
And to do so with heart mind and strength.


Light Bearer

I want to share light into darkness
and see sadness depart.
I want to share light where pain
is tearing precious lives apart.
I long to see the beams of heavens
peace and grace come down.
I plead to feel the warmth that
comes to cold and frozen ground.
Shine forth O’ light through my open soul
to others who need to see.
Let life and healing be there lot
and let oppressed hearts be set free.
There is no light where love is void
and selfishness runs deep.
Showing love to all we must with no
Litmus test to keep.
I will hold light in my frail human hands
to offer to all today
In hopes that light will fill me all the more
as I choose to live this way.