After Glow

For me, today was a day of after glow, a time to relax and enjoy the lingering feelings of love and peace and blessings from being around people that I love and sharing moments that will not soon be forgotten..
It’s also a day to eat to much again and sit in front of the fireplace to long and go for a long cold walk only to eat again and sit in front of the fire again and well, I am getting ready to walk again!
I also feel strangely tired today from doing almost nothing, how is this possible!? I want to write but can’t get thoughts to cooperate.. I want to read but my mind isn’t participating !
I think i’ll just linger the rest of today in thanksgiving after glow and then return to myself tomorrow ☺️


Struggles and Thanksgiving

I know thanksgiving is a season to be thankful for the blessings in our lives and the people that we love..
I also know it is a time that can amplify the struggles that we are experiencing ..
There is a myth that things must be perfect in our lives in order to enjoy these special holidays..
I disagree with this notion.. I think we can enjoy the good that is a part of our lives even while bearing the bad and live with this paradox..
Somehow we do this every other day of the year .. Why not try the same mindset this thanksgiving ..
Be thankful and enjoy the blessing while realistically facing the struggles and knowing that this is life, for all of us, no one really lives without this paradox no matter how things may appear in others lives ..
In the event that you are alone or that you are missing someone very special on this day.. All that I said previously, well set aside for you and say that it’s ok for you to mourn and experience the pain of separation.. In such an event please reach out to someone who cares for support..
In that mind, if there is someone that you know who is alone, please take some time and reach out to them, no one should go uncared for on thanksgiving …



The Soul

The Soul
When I think of the soul I think of the part of me that is me..
My thoughts are a part of me, but there is another part of me that is aware of my thoughts.. seeing them come and go, questioning them or affirming them..
My emotions are a part of me, but there is another part of me that is aware of my emotions.. observing my different modes or emotional responses to certain stimuli.
This ” other” part of me that is obviously separate from my thoughts and feelings, siting back behind them, aware of them, judging them or approving them, this part of me.. Is the real me.. This is my soul..
My soul relates to the outer world through thoughts and emotions and relates to my inner world through the spirit ..
Pay attention today to this part of you .. Behind your thoughts, but aware of them, separate from your emotion but observing them..
When you see this part of you .. You see the real you..



Small Things

I live with a sense of urgency to make a difference..
Aware that time is a gift and I should use it to better the world that I find myself in..
So I look out at a wonderful world with beauty and mystery but I also see a world of suffering and hurting people..
I want to change that and I feel at times like my little life will never make even the smallest percentage of difference..
Then I realize, one drop of water can send ripples that branch out to ever widening circles..
One small act of kindness can spread to hundreds even thousands of small acts of kindness..
I have dozens of opportunities each day, or more, to try to make a difference in someone’s life..what If I was living in the moment, aware of what is coming into my life right now, as it is, not as I wish it to be , or as it was in some glory bygone days.. But as it is now..
What is coming into your life now, who is there now .. Look around, right now, those are the people, this is the family, these are the neighbors, coworkers, town, community, that I can make a difference in..
Try this.. Today.. Tell yourself, whoever is in my life today.. I am going to reach out to in love and support and do what I can to make there lives better..
You just might be starting a ripple effect that makes a much larger and broader impact then you could ever imagine..



Love is Stronger

Love and hate are not equal in influence.. Love is far more powerful.. Love is an all-consuming power while hate is an opposing force. An illustration of this: Gravity is an overarching power over all movement.. it does not force anything.. It just “Is” and everything works within its parameters.. Force is what pushes an airplane into the air against the power of gravity. There must be exertion and opposition to get off the ground.. force appears to win as the plane rises into the sky.. but absent an infinite supply of fuel.. the plane will have to return to the ground.. Eventually the power of gravity will win.. Gravity is like the power of love.. it just “IS” and we all are influenced by its power.. Sometimes we try to oppose it..this opposition is hate.. it takes force and exertion and eventually we just can’t fight the power of love. With all of our flailing and forcing against loves power.. we must sooner or later come back to ground and realize it is the superior power in the universe..



That’s Not Me

Have you ever been accused of being the exact opposite of who you are ?
Have you ever had anyone say things about you and you know that those things are more about themselves then about you?
Have you ever been falsely accused?
Have you been so misunderstood that you have to take a second look to make sure your not missing something about yourself?
If this has happened to you .. You know the knot in your stomach that comes from it ..
The instinct to defend yourself and to go after your accuser..
The desire to right every wrong impression ..
The trouble is, when you do so, it’s like chasing the wind.. You never really catch it..
It’s better to just know yourself and who you are and try to love others and spread joy to those who will receive it and leave the rest alone..
If someone loves you they will think the best of you not the worst and they will look for reasons to support you not tear you down ..
My suggestion.. Just be yourself and let others be themselves and the proverbial chips will fall wherever they will fall..