We are alive and we know it. There is a force of awareness within us that gives us a knowing that we exist and that we are more then a machine. This awareness sits back behind our actions and every our thoughts and observes everything. This place of consciousness sages believe is our spirit. This part of me that is eternal and ethereal and non physical. 

The home of our conciousness happens to be for us now, our bodies. We don’t know where we were before most of the time. Although some people have sense of and vision of past life experience. But for the most part this experience of life is segmented from the past. We also do not know what is beyond our life in this body because we have not traveled there yet. We wonder about it and can be paralyzed by fear and anxiety about it. 

We do know however, that we exist within this body and when we think deep enough about it, we become aware that we are separate from our body in the true essence of our self. When we have this awareness an inner light is turning on which is called by some, unlightenment. 

If you are having experiences like this, follow it and open yourself up to it as fully as you can. It will lead to depth and knowledge of spiritual life and you will become a person who knows what was seemingly unknowable. 

You will be able to see the spirit and life force behind everything in the universe including you and will have a knowing that your conciousness, your exsistence is connected and linked with all other life in every corner of the universe.

With love,


Zeppelin and Saturday 

This morning is a Zeppelin morning. The mystic in me rises up when I listen. I am amazed at lyric and riff at the same time. My youth was obsorbed with these sounds as my soul was drawn into the musings of Carlos Cateneda. Another world was opened to me. 

A door way appeared in my inner world and I felt a compulsion to go through it. I did again and again in those early years. The masters of music and the seer of the mystic led me into the depths of heart and soul. I found wonderful depth and beauty, and, even as a young man, a wisdom that seemed to be beyond my own brief years. 

A life of pursuing this path of the mystic followed. I took many paths that led to truth and wonder and others that led to disappointment and emptiness. It is a life of faith and risk and sometimes doubt and fear.

 I think about life and death a lot. I think about eternal things and the mystery of the cosmos. I am intrigued my quantum physics and the idea that conciousness precedes all physical realtity. Sometimes I forget to think about the news or the weather or what is happening in my community.

I can’t help being who I am. I feel I was made to be this way. Zeppelin on a Saturday morning, reminds me of these things.

Tony Gilotte 

City Angels 

Many wonders below that these spirits desire to look into..

the beauty of a child standing in the rain on a corner with face lifted toward heavens..
The sweet song of a man on his bench playing his guitar and singing a tune from beyond these streets..
The sounds of families playing in the park in the evening as persistent breeze, able to make its way through the wall of buildings, kisses each face..
The smells coming from cafes and restaurants as human beings are being human..
These divine creatures long to know more, we are wrong if we think we are the only curious ones…

There is also the pain of these streets crying for relief and deliverance..
Heart broken, troubled souls looking out beyond the city lights and hoping for some redemption from somewhere…
unified effort of these spirit beings will bring much to this city tonight…
Creative juices will flow to waiting eccentrics..
Other worldly beauty will flow into the pens of poet and strokes of artists..
Loveless ones will find some hope in the slightest touch of a friend..
When grace is seemingly a universe away, it will suddenly show up in a instant of healing..
The cynic will find ways to explain away all of these synchronized movements…
Let it be stated unequivocally, those who look for such angellic activity, will find it abundant all around us…
With love,
Tony Gilotte
Art work by Lee Sanna 

Find Your Mountain 

Find Your Mountain 
The mystic in me wants to climb,

to find a space high above..
To be awake and aware,

a power stirring within..
Life and love in its grasp,

Casting it out across the universe..
For reasons unknown to us,

we are a part of this reality..
Chosen to experience,

the miracle of being alive..
Why are we not more in awe..

Why so coy about the sun rising?
Massive forces at work all around us,

yet we are caressed by slight movements..
Cocooned as if in the womb,

by the creative power over all..
I stand upon my mountain,

breathing in the moment,

Thankful to be alive,

To know that I AM,

a part of the wonderful, mystery..
With love,

Tony Gilotte

Rebels With A Cause 

Rebels With A Cause
When I was a child. I lived in the moment. I jumped into life with both feet and went where the day took me.
I wasn’t aware of the past or the future because I was putting all of my energy toward the now. I was spontaneous, I experienced joy and I loved life.
As I grew up, I began to experience the pressure of society and adulthood and the message was clear. 
To grow up meant to focus on tomorrow more then today and to be reasonable instead of risky and to plan instead of live in spontaneity and to tone down the joy a little, after all life is really hard. 
Some of us, the poets and the artists and the rockers and the hippies and the punkers and the alternates and the dreamers and the seekers and the rebels, said no.
No to the message that life is to be lived safe and muted down and reasonable and anything less then the full heartedness that characterized childlikeness. 
I am a rebel with a cause. I will not live conventionally and I will not let the society around me or the language of fear and doubt within me, take down my sanctuary of the heart. 
Let’s live life so fully today that if this were our last we would have no regret. That if today we stood with the angels looking back we would smile at the faith and joy and strength of soul that we lived our lives with. 
I know I am speaking to a lot of rebels with a cause today. We are not alone, our ranks are many that have gone before, many among us and many who will follow our footsteps. It is a worthy cause and one that we can be proud to be the bearers of today!
With Love,

Tony Gilotte