Be Still

Still Voice

When I sit,

Quite my mind..

Thoughts moving,

I remain still..

I observe,

From here within..

A light flickers,

spirit connects..

I find my soul,

Here all the time..


Peace flows..

Stay here,

as long as you can..




Take it easy,

Here comes the sun,

No one knows when,

To start the day..

Movement is gentler,

Quiet stillness,

easier to find..

Stay here,

just a little longer..

The day will start,

when you are ready..

You Decide

You Decide

” As a person thinks in his heart, so is he..”

What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to treat other people? How do you want other people to treat you?

The world that we now live in, we have created for ourselves. Until we recognize this, we will not fully understand our power. We have the ability to create the life that we want.

If I think this is true, I will use this power to create a life on the outside that matches my truth and my desire on the inside.

If I do not trust this, then I will continue to allow others, or the world around me, to decide what kind of life I will have.

With love,


Young Voices

During my day yesterday, I was able to stop a few times to just listen to the voices of young people, standing before throngs of people, powerfully being heard. I became more and more drawn into there sincerity and passion. I began to feel both there pain, that has been thrust upon them, and there power, that they are stepping into. 

This power is the power of truth and the awesome energy of standing in that power is life changing. This movement that is being started by this new generation, will not die because it is infused with these two aspects. Passion and truth. I believe with all of my heart that we have not heard the last of these young voices.

The elite marginalize this because they bank on the fire dying and the passion fizzaling. That will be the mistake that causes there demise. Elitism has its own deception. The deception of being above the power of truth. That deception is something that, at least for me, I am happy if elites stay in, because it will lead to a new status structure in the very near future. 

!The marginalization in the future will be those who though that power was the ultimate endeavor and the manipulation of the masses to get this power was a price worth paying. That will not be the case in the generation coming up. You better back up what you say with actions or your hypocrisy will be exposed.

As an older voice ( not that old!) that I try to infuse with truth and passion, I am pleased and hopeful about the young voices and I will join mine with there’s for whatever truth they want to stand for with passion. 
With love,


Be Human 

    Being a human being is what we all have in common. None of us can not be this, we are here as humans based on a force separate from us that brought us here. So what is it to be human? One thing that would be so obvious that we might be blinded by its in your faceness, is simply that’s to be human is first and foremost to just BE. We are not human doings but human beings. Being , is a moment by moment experience of the now. We live only in this moment always. We are not, at least in this incarnation, able to ever escape this moment. 

   One distinctive of BE ing human then, would be to experience everything fully in the now. There is life in us and around us too be lived. People to love, experiences to be embraced and conscious existence to be known. We are oriented in every aspect of our persons, to live this way and all of the universe seems to work together to promote a wholeness and fullness and energy and spontanious creative force in the lives of humans who are BE ing. 

  The paradox is that we have somehow, in our human experience, often become more of a human Do ing then a human BE ing. The human Do ing is a neurotic and mechanical creature. He is missing the joys of the moment, the sunsets, the soft and tender flowers, the loving embrace of the universe that is always available abundantly. Instead she is living in a false reality that life is about what I do, or have not done, or cannot do, or am desperately trying to do, and never seem to know if I am done doing enough to be good enough for love and joy and peace and wholeness.

  The life of the human DO ing can be very religious and spiritual or not at all. This life can be successful or lead to great wealth an achievement or can be total failure. The true marks of this life are not seen from a distance and not determined by the bottom line or the value systems. The human DO ing can be recognized as the life absent of truly living. Lacking fullness and depth and in fact very resistant to even talking about what happens on the inside because most of life is not happening there for this person. 

  Is your list of things to do longer then your longings of who you want to be? When you have time to spare do you fill it with more do’s or do you take the opportunity to reconnect with the human that you are? Do you love to explore and talk about the inner deep spaces of the soul and spirit or do you avoid such topics for more practical matters? What about truth and beauty and wholeness, any sparks of intrigue or just a little irritation at the suggestion that such things matter in this fast paced survival of the fittest culture? 

  When the day ends, and the human lays down to rest and thinks about his life, does he feel it and know it and find inner rest and peace as he comes back into connection with his being? Or does she find her mind restless and wondering if she will ever be enough or do enough to be worthy of calling her life, living?
With love,



Warrior Spirit

Warrior Spirit

The deep scares are not from sword or spear but from battles for truth and love and beauty..

In a cynical world which mocks the pursuit of dreams and passions a warrior spirit is needed..

Stand strong against the forces which strive to take down the open hearted free spirits of this world..

The entire universe conspires with and in fact is of such a spirit so be bold and brave in perseverance..

Seeing what is unseen and knowing what is unknown to this world of materialist, we press on toward the mark..

Knowing that faith, hope and love will prevail over all the assaults against it..

With love,