Full Potential

You are the expert on you, no one knows your heart, your inner longings, your obstacles and your roadblocks, like you.

One of the keys to finding your way to fulfilling your greatest potential, is realizing that you have within you , the capacity to do great things!

Sometimes just hearing that, having someone believe that and see that capacity in you can help trigger a spark, but ultimately this is something that you have to see in yourself!

Today I hope to be that spark for you, if you happen to be reading this, may you listen to that inner voice calling you to your own greatest fulfillment yet to come!

tony gilotte

In Sight

We often use the word insight when we have gotten some understanding of something and it now makes sense to us.

I would like to ask you to think of this differently. Think of the two words that make up this one word. In, meaning the inside, the part of you that is within.

Then the word sight, to see something, to shed light on something.

So combine them and we have In Sight. The ability to see something within, on the inside of us. To have light shed on some aspect of our inner world.

We are the bridge between two worlds, our body is connected to the outer, our soul connected to the inner.

Having Insight comes from taking some time to look within, to get to know your inner soul. This can create greater depth and wellness then you can imagine.

tony gilotte


Each day is a canvas,

your strokes make it alive..

What is deep inside,

wants to pour out of you..

An explosion of love,

making a beautiful pattern..

No one does it like you,

your own passion is unique..

euphoria is your reward,

while your love touches me..

I am glad for the shower,

of your love, I want to reciprocate..

Do not hold back,

your soul needs this fullness..

This is life as it is meant to be,

creative bursts of life..

Coming from your beauty,

for all to see..

tony gilotte



Your value is immeasurable, the entire universe was created with you in mind..

The stars shine for you and the earth is filled with your nourishment..

When you feel alone it is a mirage, you are never alone, your connected to the very source of all life…

Angels watch over you and spirits guide you, in carefully orchestrated precise ways..

The hairs on your head are counted and every second your are being observed with the utmost delight..

The beautiful person that is you, happen to be a spark of the divine, royal blood runs through your veins..

I wish for you today and uplift and rejuvenation as your inner spirit recalls its own worth..


Own it

Own It

No one really controls your life except you and those whom we give this power too.

We sometimes fall into thinking that we are powerless. That god or forces larger then us have all the power.

The truth is that we have been given dominion over our lives and our environment.

We can create what we want in our lives and refuse what we don’t want.

The issue is often that we have abdicated this power and instead, react to whatever comes our way.

I hope these words don’t offend, I am saying them to myself as much as sharing them in this writing..

I need to own my desires and create a life that allows me to be my fullest outward expression of me..

This is what we have been put here to do, each moment, each day, is a fresh opportunity..

I love you and I wish for you, as for myself, a life that aligns with who I am..

I hope together, we can take strides toward making the next stages of our lives, a time of great fulfillment…

tony gilotte

Message of Darkness

Dark Messages

Synchronicities occur when an intelligent entity is organizing circumstances to project a message..

We get the message and feel as if something clearly has been communicated from another realm..

What we don’t often talk about are orchestrated messages from the dark side..

These can be just as strong and seemingly coincidental as a message of hope and truth..

The difference is simple, if you are the target of a message of darkness, the result will be fear, doubt, anxiety, shame, discouragement sometimes even despair..

Just as you would open yourself up to a message of hope and life and follow it fully, with just as much determination, please reject and turn away from messages of darkness..

Recognize what is happening and protect your heart from the downward spiral that follows when we receive dark messages..

tony gilotte


Fresh smell,

like the skin of a women..

Suns light,

as if it never shined before..

Clean slate,

forget what had past..

Embrace her,

like your one true love..

She is fleeting,

and will not stay long..

You are fortunate,

she does not visit everyone..

When you kiss her,

make is worth her time..

tony gilotte

On the freaking precipice

Do you have any idea how close you are to becoming free, to having your creative expression used as a flow of the spirit to touch many people?

Your so close to that turn on your path that is going to bring you right before your emerald palace, your dream realized..

Can’t you feel it? While you wrestle with doubt and fear not being worthy, there is still that small and yet powerful voice that is saying, you are going to change the world!

Do not give up, do not accept no for an answer, do not settle for less then your deep heart longs for and do not, please for the sake of all who are in your world, do not turn back now..

You are on the freaking precipice of a breakthrough, a few more steps to the moment you have been awaiting, and oh how sweet it is going to be..

We are more

We are so much more then meets the eye, our body houses an eternal soul connected to the origins of the universe..

This eternal spirit experiencing a physical manifestation is our life now..

There are lessons of wisdom in every experience , whispers of spirit in each moment..

Let awe and wonder fill your heart and mind and emotions, as we think upon the fact that we are so much more..

tony gilotte

In Awe

It’s all right in front of me,

universes of beauty and mesmerizing complexity..

Heart aflame with an awe that makes my soul overflow with a mixture of gratitude and overwhelming adoration..

What kind of spirit made all of this? What being has such power and genius? The wonder of god is causing my mind to yield to the mystery and pure majesty of being alive to even contemplate such things..

Why am I here and how did I get here, in this body, on this planet, in this speck of dust in this massive universe? Why do I have this consciousness and awareness that I am me and that I am alive?

Who’s idea was I and why am I me and not someone else? I love the god who made me simply because of how beautiful everything is that has been made, therefore I love me, I love my mind and my body and my person, I love me because I am a part of all of this beauty..

Therefore I also love you and all other creatures, you are here in the same mystery as I am, your unique and beautiful you, the birds, the animals, the insects, the trees, the oceans, the rivers, all my siblings and my friends..

I am in awe of it all, a wonder of universal proportions, I step out into this world filled with the glory of this moment..

tony gilotte

Your Own Voice

When you are able to recognize your own voice, you have connected with your soul..

So many false voices try to mask themselves as the real you, it can be confusing and disorienting..

There is only one way to know, when all other voices stop, in the quiet of the night, listen carefully, this is your own voice..

Your fears, dreams, aspirations, struggles, all can be heard and worked out in the quietness of this space..

We keep looking for someone else to tell us what to do and how to do it, all you really need is to know your own voice and listen to it..

tony gilotte

Soul Care

My soul is open to the movements of life within, the ebb and flow reminds me of the waves on the open sea..

I have this drawing to pay attention to this subtle activity, it can be easily missed if I am distracted..

When I do pay attention, I am at times called to step aside, to become still to address or be open to a inner need..

today was one of those occasions. In the midst of the business of my work day, I began to full an inner pull, an urge to step out and give some of the better hours of the day to soul work..

As I acted upon this prompting, I found myself sitting quietly looking into clear blue sky, the message was becoming clear..

A vital part of me, needed some healing, some time to be exposed to the attention of an aware soul. This unplugging from my outer life, enabled me to connect to an inner aspect needing my attention.

I am glad I listened, I feel restored, I understand some of the feelings and urges I have been aware of but to busy to concern myself with..

This self care, or soul care, is something I need to do more, for myself and to expand my desire and ability to be a conduit of soul care to others..

This has always been my calling in one way or the other, I am open to the vastness of possibility that following such promptings can bring..

Thank you to whatever angel or spirit moved upon me today to step aside and listen..

tony gilotte

My Dream

To rise up every day, walk along the beach to mediate and refresh my sense of awe..

Then go to my writing space and open myself up to the source of all words..

To become a conduit for the next 6 hours, to write truth with the aim and desire of helping others find the reality of a spiritual life..

Then to rise from my writing space and to enter the world and speak words of truth and life..

To do this every day, to see my words be brought to the ends of the earth and to impact many lives..

For me there is nothing I long for more then this with the end being a life used to touch other lives..

That others may find true peace, purpose and joy in knowing divine love and truth..

tony gilotte

Scared to life

I woke at 3 am with a gasp, trying to breath and wondering if I would be able to get another breath. I sat there paralyzed in fear for seconds that seemed like minutes. I then felt my lungs open and life was sustained.

I lay back down with a mixture of fear and gratitude. I fell back to sleep and dreamt of being a spirit and traveling into and out of my body and how actually natural it was. I could leave in my minds eye and go to places unseen in this world.

When I returned I felt at home but also felt that this home really was just temporary. When I woke I had vague memories of my travels. Life felt so much more alive this morning, like a child’s attention on a spring morning when every sight and smell was amplified.

My dull senses seemed to be electrified and everything felt better. I felt awakened and fire was moving through my veins. I realized that nothing I desired to be was beyond my realm of possibility.

I set out to live out the miracles of my callings and longings with no fear or doubt and refuse to ever live that way again. There is to much life in me to live it without the glorious knowing of a renewed spirit..

tony gilotte

Turn Toward Peace

The truth is each crossroads we have in relationship to others, is an opportunity to turn towards peace or to become entangled in conflict.

In relationships to those closest to us, to family and loved ones, children and spouses, coworkers and friends, we can hold the high road for resolution and reconciliation or deteriorate toward struggle separation and conflict.

Relationships are not static and nothing is automatic or guaranteed. How many intimate connections, marriages, had high hopes only to fall, in time into struggle and separation.

Many new careers start with high hopes only to end in divisive conflict. Parent and child relationships are no guarantee of peaceful coexistence, quite the contrary, often this is the worst effect of deterioration.

Peace is the only avenue to long term success in any connection. We all will disappoint and be disappointed, we all will fall short of expectations and we all will have moments and even seasons when we are not our best selves.

If you will love peace and pursue it, you will find the key to navigating the tumultuous sea of relationships and without having to compromise your self and your integrity, you will, at least for your own side of the equation, be at peace..

tony gilotte

Let it rise

As the sun lifts is warm rays upon us this morning,

let us meet her shine with an open rising heart..

Life is upon us for yet another day and we are the privileged,

to walk upon the earth and behold her beauties and glories..

A reflection of creative genius On a scale inconceivable to us,

marred by our ugliness and darkness yet not diminished..

May we rise up above our darkness into the light of a new day!

tony gilotte

Write to Write

If you are a writer, write everyday just to write. For yourself and your soul first and then for those who will benefit from your words.

The creative process is something that has to be exercised. Certainly we look for moments of inspiration and flow and must have them in order to manifest what is within.

However, making time to put pen to paper ( or finger to key pad!) is placing yourself before the source of all words and saying ” here I am.”

tony gilotte

Wake Up

What if tomorrow morning when you wake up, you could be living in your dream?

If all of your deepest desires and passions, were actively happening in your life?

How would you feel? Empowered? Grateful, fulfilled, joy filled ?

However that experience would make you feel, tonight as you lay your head down to rest, try to feel those feelings..

As you do, the realness of this dream will begin to dawn on you and maybe as you do awake in the morning, the dream will be unfolding..

tony gilotte


If you are able to make someone feel better about themselves, their life, their prospects..

If you can bring someone hope who has lost it, or offer a sense that everything will be ok..

If you create a stir in others to follow their dreams and believe in themselves..

If you make someone’s days better because you interacted with them..

Then you are an inspiration, you are a rare breed and the world needs more people like you..

Thank you ..

tony gilotte


On this day I intend to have peace of mind, a grateful heart, live in each moment, be intuitive, seek to see the light in everything, give my full attention to anyone I am with, create a beautiful memory, live fully, love myself and others and find time to just breathe and be alive..

Tony Gilotte



My soul recoils from the world, I need to get alone and hear my inner voice..

No one seems to understand this, others don’t seem to have the same need..

Yet I flee into the woods,

I put my feet in the water,

I look up and I breathe…

A deep part of me rejoices, a sigh of thank you comes from within..

My inner voice can be heard again, I ask myself why I don’t do this more often..

I feel alive as I see nature move in perfect synchronicity..

When I step out of the water and beyond the trees..

Back to my life, I am a different person, I am again my true me..


Angel Wings

I hear a subtle whisper,

it compels me go search..

I only know I long for knowing,

the mystery of existence..

god seems to be within,

drawing my soul,

toward a beautiful love..

My way is known,

in moments of bliss..

Then darkness returns,

and I am unsure..

Even then I know,

that I am not alone..

My spirit is secure,

somehow in the divine hands..

I resist a full explanation,

that would require all knowledge..

I will pursue this path,

like an angel her wings..