My Light

The world seems to small,

your desires are larger then oceans..

Mysterious beauty,

the very essence of love..

We don’t know how to act,

alchemy stirring our inner self..

Driven to create,

words pour out from flames..

Intoxicated with this outpouring,

life is coming out of you..

Looking around you,

all things look familiar..

The world is created,

By the same spirit..

Nothing will be the same,

life force has moved through you..

You are addicted,

you must have this calling..

Nothing will satisfy,

except life bringing life..

Wondrous beauty,

this is my light..

Radiance is the gift,

of being such an instrument..

Will you follow this subtle path,

which will lead to open plains of abundance..

tony gilotte


Cafe Conciousness 

Cafe Consciousness  
The air is thick with depth,

contemplation and conversation..
Lights subtly placed,

illuminating thought..
Atmosphere drawing out,

inner life rising to the surface..
I need a pen to write,

a canvas to paint,

a guitar to play..
I am raised up,

mysterious ethereal connection..
There is such a thing,

as cafe consciousness..
I would like to write a book about it..
tony gilotte

A Deeper Path 

Sounds which create longing,

the whisper of angels or spirits..
Seeing the unseen realms,

she that has eyes, let her see..
The waves appear,

the force behind them is invisible..
The wind blows,

where it comes from,

where it goes,

is unknown..
Yet we feel it’s influence,

this cannot be denied..
Those who sense the spirit,

take a deeper path..
The unexplained,

are understood intuitively..
Stand open hands lifted,

the messenger will find you..
tony gilotte

Who Is This

Who is this man?

Feeling like a child within,

yet seeing the marks of time..

I don’t recognize me,

where did the child go?

The dreams of a life ahead,

now a realization of time passing..

Am I eternal ?

Within I feel it..

Without, the weight of life pressing in..

I have seen many faces of me,

this new one seems older..

Wiser maybe,

yet a spark still resides..

The flicker of eternal life,

I hope is seen in my eyes..

I look for it in my reflection,

What I see looking back, who is this ?

I think I know,

but I am not sure..

tony gilotte

The Dream

The Dream
The wind in your sails,

your soul souring..
Words flowing,

passion aflame..
Truth your rock,

a foundation immovable..
Be still in this spirit,

not my power but gods..
Hearts open with desire,

seeking a deep knowing..
Flow of spiritual nourishment,

feeding heart and mind..
Hope being stirred,

sometimes against reason..
This holy hour,

heaven and earth touch..
Oh to be a conduit,

I offer my life a new..
Does god still call?

yes is the resounding reply..
The weak,

to confound the strong..
The unexpected,

to move mountains..
The later days,

more fruitful then the first..
God is able,

to do exceedingly abundantly above..
The season is here,

to be still and see this come to pass..
With love,
tony gilotte

Safe Place 

Safe Place 
A few blows to the soul,

we recoil into fear..
Unwholesome in our surroundings,

leaks into our being..
Regardless of our strength,

there is a vale of frailty..
In such a time,

It is vital to find a safe place..
Give yourself a break,

just be quiet in your struggle..
The answers will come,

for now trust..
Your courage will return,

leading you to triumph..
With love 

tony gilotte 

What Now?

As a year ends and another begins, it is a great time to ask the question, What now?  There is a lot wrapped up in that little question. What are you doing now in your life that is making you happy and giving you joy and fulfilling your soul? Keep doing that, and do a lot more of it. At the same time, ask yourself the question, what are you doing in your life now that is not fulfilling and not bringing you joy and happiness, and do a lot less of it.

We are given a certain amount of time in this life, a certain set of skills and abilities and a certain way to make an impact in our lives and in our world. It takes time, careful crafting of our lives to discover who we are and what we are good at and called to do and to be. Only you really know who you are. Only you know what your dream is. Are you going to live that story or are you going to allow others, or fear and self doubt, pressure from family or friends or any other influence to keep you from making the choices for your own happiness?

So, what now? How are you going to move into the new year? Are you going to keep doing things that make you unhappy and leave your dreams unfulfilled or are you going to decide to make decisions for your own heart and soul? Trust me, those who really love you would rather you choose the later and those who don’t support your bold choice to put your heart and passion first, don’t really love you or don’t love you enough to let you bloom as your best self.

So what about surviving? Isn’t there a certain level of motivation to just survive and taking a risk on dreams and following your passions sounds risky? This is when we are faced with a question of faith. Faith in our own abilities and determined desire to make our lives the best they can be. Faith in the universe and a belief that I am placed here for a reason and I am called to find and follow that reason.

What now, is my question to. I am sharing it with you while I am asking it of myself. I am at a place where I know who I am and what I am called to be, what I am good at and what I can do to make an impact. I have no excuse except for fear and maybe a little cynicism that I have allowed to creep into my heart. I will need to open my heart more and once again take a chance on myself to move to the next level of fulfillment that is ahead for me.

I hope I am finding others in this writing as I send it out into the world, who are in a similar place and I pray that my word will serve to give courage and strength to make a decision for the best you to come forth in 2019!
With love,

tony gilotte