Can you imagine it 

Can You Imagine It 
“When Jesus told his disciples, if you see this mountain being removed, it will be cast into the sea; He was appealing to this power of imagination and describing its effect upon the world of time and space. 

Imagine the mountain in your life whatever it is, gone.It could be an obstacle to your growth, a need for provision or protection or it could be your own inability to see past your limiting factors to the dream coming true in your life.

Imagine it gone, imagine no limitations, and imagine yourself in the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. Hold that thought, right there, how do you feel? Hold that feeling. This is the power of imagination. If you will hold that thought and that feeling in your heart on a consistent basis, you will find your dreams, mountains will be cast into the sea.”
Excerpt From: “Beautiful Wanderer – by Tony Gilotte”

An Appeal 

An Appeal 
I love you, I adore you, I long for your heart, I admire your beauty, I smile when you smile and cry when you cry..
You are mine, always on my mind, all of my actions are for your benifit, for your blessing, for your well being..
I have given and will continue to give my all for you, nothing you can do will ever change that..
You can be at peace knowing that I am powerful and wealthy and wise and influential and, I am committed to and have a vested interest in your success..
I hold you in my hands, in fact, I hold everything in my hands, in fact you are mine and so is everything else, I am proud to call you my own..
What are you afraid of? What keeps you from being fully alive and joy-filled ? Do you not know, have you not heard? I am the everlasting God, the creator of the ends of the earth..
Come and let us reason together.. I’m pursuing you with all of heaven and earth. The stars and moon and sun shine for you, the rain falls so that you can be refreshed, the fields grow so that you can be norished..
Don’t you see how much I love you ?

The Creative Power of Intention 

The Creative Power of Intention
“You see all that is, in the seen world, started in something we can’t see, touch or put under a microscope.

However, when we do look under a microscope, on the most powerful level known to us, the sub atomic level, or the quantum level, we see a very strange behavior that doesn’t seem to match our version of reality. We see atoms, particles of atoms like protons and neutrons, inactive until they are observed. The observation causes these particles to act in the way that they are acting which is causing all matter to exist.

This is very simplistic description of quantum physics but it reveals a profound truth that is consistent with the power of intention being discussed here. It is the conscious observation of the observer that brings about the action in the matter.

Nothing happens in the physical realm, not even in the most foundational level of the physical universe which makes up all of us and all that exists, without first a consciousness which supersedes all of it, intending it to be. 

This is spiritual; this is the power we are all given to create the life we are called to live. This is how we are meant to live our lives.”
Excerpt From: Beautiful Wanderer – By Tony Gilotte

The Dreamer of Dreamers

The Dreamer of Dreamers
“God is the dreamer of dreamers, has a dream for you, places it in your soul, causes you to desire it, and then sets about guiding you on the path to find it and fulfil it. Wow, whata miraculous life is this journey. It is the greatest of shames to miss out on the real true purpose behind existence, to know God and all of the wonders of this knowing and to allow God to make your life a powerful and beautiful light to others in this world.”
Excerpt From: “Beautiful Wanderer – by Tony Gilotte

Spiritual Evidence 

Spiritual Evidence 
Every atom requires conscious observation before it acts..
The psyche requires love and hope to survive..
The soul longs for things that this world alone does not satisfy..
The mind cannot conceive of non existence and recoils at the thought..
The heart connects to beauty and truth as if it is a long lost love..
The will is somehow automatically pointed in the direction of seeking purpose..
The spirit connects to a vast space within that has unlimited scope..
Consciousness we all know is not the functioning of a complex machine..
Intuitive reflexes provide us a subliminal wisdom that seems to appear from nowhere..
Certain stimuli creates an otherworldly mystical experience that touches a core..
Celebrating the precious nature of life and living lends it a divine aspect..
Truth resonating with some ancient aspect of our being as if always known..
A universal knowing of and seeking for peace and reconciliation..
A recoiling from oppression and violence when it occurs in our world..
The joyful expression of and seeking of spiritual reality in all people groups and all ages..
The witness of my inner self that I am more then a physical entity..
The creative expression coming out of humans synchronized with our gifts..
The diverse expressions of our nature combining into a perfect whole..
The balance and wholeness that is experienced when we touch spirit..
The newness and intensity of the moment when we realize miracles are real..
The reality that intentions connecting to universal powers of spirit produce desires..
The intense appreciation of the simplest of life’s experiences when touching inner life..
The knowledge that love is overcoming and overpowering of all that comes against it..

An Hour At Belvedere Market

The doors open and the outside air rushes in. Sounds of the street sneak through with the rush of cool autumn air. Looking through the window at my table I see the autumn colors resonating through sunny skies. I decide that the sights and sounds in here are more appealing to my senses today then even vibrant autumn day.

Atwaters seems to be the vibrant hot spot in this urban hipster haven. I walk up to a counter brimming with coffees and expresso and baked breads, scones, macaroons and many other unnamed treats. Fair Trade coffee is my friend and writing companion today. I grab a cup, find a sweet spot and set up my own little place of paradise. 

The sounds of this lively place remind me of the old neighborhood that I grew up in. People come and go, they smile as they take in the space which is becoming an escape from whatever they brought in with them from there lives. It seems to have a life giving effect upon all of us, they way a cup of hot tea has when you come out of a cold night and your feet are still frozen. You sip it a little at a time and each sip seems to take a little more of the harshness of cold away as you replace it with warmth and comfort. That is how Woodlea ave always made me feel, even today when I go back and drive through. The market is making me feel this way, working a welcome spell upon my hardened senses snd softening a rough world outside.

The empty  canvas of a building turned into a neighborhood is quiet an artisitic and creative accomplishment. I feel like I am in a painting and the framework stays the same but the details change every moment. The back drop of this beautiful space is industrial and older. It is obvious that love and renewal took place. For me, a story of renewal is one worth telling again and again. We all need renewal from time to time and if we are to keep from deterioratng and losing our color, we must experience it. This space is alive again, light, colors, food, drink, people from all walks, give it an ever changing diverse atmosphere that I wish I could bottle up and take it with me wherever I go. 

Each person that walks in and around this space brings a different hew to the room, each one is not only invited but necessary for the tapestry to be complete and it is perfect every moment. I feel the joys and see the expressions of appreciation as I notice the faces. They tell a story of entire lives, histories, memories, heartaches, loves, loss, hope and faith, all noticeable in the way we all glance around this space.

There is an ebb and flow to this space which is noticeable. It is like the tides on the bay or the waves on the ocean. There are moments when it is bursting at the seams, like the entirety of humanity is bursting in. Then it trickles down and the people come and go at a pace more like that of a gentle stream rolling over small pebbles. Both, ragging ocean and subtle stream have there own beauty. The moments of intensity and moments of softness are both needed. None of us can live our lives at full throttle all the time and yet we all thrive in moments of intensity and vibrancy. Quietness and softness is vital to our we’ll being also. Try living without it and you will be frazzled and exhausted. Thankfully there are moments of both intensity and quietness here. 

I could stay longer then an hour, I could stay all day, yet if I did so I may not appreciate the time spent in this special atmosphere. Like most things in life, we appreciate things more when we don’t have them or went without them for a long time. Like a love that you waited your whole life to have, once you have it you know how precious it is, you will not take it for granted, you will not fail to show it the utmost respect and honor for you know that once, you didn’t have this and now you do. You will forever be grateful . 
Tony Gilotte