Walked over

I almost walked by you. Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed.

You were shining in the sunlight, shimmering colors reflecting from your beauty.

I had to turn aside and walk your way. An opportunity to meet you was before me.

As I walked over, your beauty mesmerized me. I could not take my eyes off of you.

You didn’t notice at first but as I walked toward you I reached out and you seemed to be ok with my presence.

In fact, you seemed to welcome the adoration. In your presence I became aware of a deep warmth.

I wanted to stay here forever, your tenderness and beauty, more intense close up.

I had to move on and leave you as my life took me in a different direction.

However, I will never forget your colors, your graceful presence and your effect upon my soul.

In a very real way, you will always be with me..



If you are awake you will walk by a field of flowers and likely be stopped by an amazing sight of butterflies fluttering over there similarly colored friends and see them have a visit, you will not be able to walk by such a sight and not be changed by it, this will happen to you more then once on your journey so please don’t be surprised by it, and it may happen to someone else just like you at the same time in another part of the world, don’t say you have not been warned!



The soul longs for its original state of wholeness. This state is nurtured from the blissful state of unconditional love.

We come from such a space. The infinite God from whom we originate is wholly and love. There is no lack or separation in the spiritual space of connection to God.

However, in our life, we are beings who choose and choice often leads to separation as we forget our original state and allow ourselves to believe we are separate from God or even alone in the universe.

This volition to choose is a gift of love and necessary to be able to give and receive love but also creates the possibility of not loving and being loved which causes pain.

Healing is simply finding our way back to our original state before we forgot about love.

With Love,

Tony Gilotte

The Ocean

I stand before you,

becoming entranced..

Your beauty lures me,

I will follow you..

In this stillness,

I could hear an angel..

My heart ablaze,

the veil is thin between worlds..

I can almost see,

the eternal touch time..

Can I stay here,

and adore your magnificence?

if I must step away,

I will not forget your gift..

I know you will be here,

you have watched the ages..

Grace is your language,

spoken to any one who will listen..

With love,

Tony Gilotte

Cross Over

Cross Over

That step you have been wanting to make,

That bridge you have been thinking about crossing,

That chance you have been contemplating taking,

That dream you have been longing to pursue,

Maybe today is the day..

Cross over, step out, trust and move in the direction of your dreams..

and don’t look back..

With love,


Our Face

Our Face

Looking at my face,

You can see my journey..

My life is inscribed,

for all to see..

Marks of pain,

appear as reminders..

The things overcome,

still linger there..

Wisdom for life lessons,

subtly appear unmistakably..

Deep rooted joy,

or unmanageable sorrow..

Depth of life,

or shallowness can’t be hidden..

The face is the icon of soul,

revealing what we truly are..

This mirror is a gift,

all of our humaneness exposed..

No one is exempt,

it is a universal transparency..

With love,


Eternal Echoes

Eternal echoes

There is an inner calling,

appealing to your deepest longings..

The mystery is not small,

all of human history has partaken..

Yet each open heart hears,

the still small voice within..

Calling through beauty and truth,

to bring awareness of a deeper life..

Modern life is an anathema to this,

keeping you too busy to listen..

Nature is the best conduit,

the trees, sea, sky all speak..

I for one hear the eternal echoes,

my soul must have this experience..

Don’t be afraid of this,

it is the true nature of your being..

Resist the societal pull,

push upstream toward your truth..

Your life will never feel the fullness,

your longings will always linger..

May today be a day of yes,

to the inner eternal echoes..

Find a place of quiet,

simply say, I’m listening..

With love,


Photo by Carmen Dominic