Wind Behind You

Wind Behind You 
Today at work, I went for a walk to breath a little. I looked across my office to a wall of windows and saw the wind blustering and swirling leaves in the sky.
I had to get out, a walk was to ensue. Outside looking skyward and enjoying the invigorating feeling of cool fall air..
At one point I turned the corner and the wind fell behind me, a stronger wind gust or two began to move my body forward..
I felt the force of air along with my own strength and my forward motion was dramatic and fluent..
I was reminded that wind is a symbol of spirit, this feeling of winds force pushing me forward with unusual strength reminded me of how it feels to be invigorated with spirit..
I am determined to daily hear those quiet calls to step away from my day to be renewed and reenergized by the wind of the spirit within me..
With love,


Tony Gilotte


Old Soul

Old Soul

I often feel like I am living in a time that does not fit me..

Like qualities in my personality and character are for another time..

I think this is what people mean when they talk about having an old soul..

I don’t think it means that the person is boring or out of touch or half way to the grave..

To me it means, maybe you have been here before, or the qualities of past times have somehow found their way into your psyche..

Here is to all the old souls out there, I know you often get mistaken or misunderstood..

just keep being who you are. For some reason, who you are is what the world needs today..


The Beauty behind the Beauty

He was walking along the beach with morning mist rising through fiery red and yellow sky.. 

Deep in though as he looked out over the sea, each step taking him deeper into himself..

Then she appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, walking toward him with shrouded face and long flowing gown..

She said no words but pointed toward a hill off the beach and suddenly he noticed something he hadn’t before..

A temple on a hill looking out over the sea, he hastened toward it with an enthusiastic step in his walk..

The closer he got the more he anticipated, he had come to the sea this morning with a sense of longing and expectation..

As he climbed the hill he stopped to turn and look back at the sea, he saw the mysterious visitor still watching him..

He felt safe and sure that she was sent from the mysterious sea to lead him to his purpose..

As he approached the temple, with the roar of the sea in the distance and the misty haze over the water now below him..

He felt a comfort and joy that he had never known before, a deep sense of peace came over him..

Why had this messenger lead him to find this place, he wondered as he began to approach the open temple..

He walked into the tabernacle, open on all sides with a view of the sea below..

He stood in the center and noticed a statue on a small table, he approached it and saw that is was a likeness of the women..

He saw an inscription that said, ” all who have eyes to see, will see..”

He suddenly realized that he had seen this mysterious figure and he felt fear and awe at the same time..

At this moment the women approached, she looked at him and her eyes were fire..

She spoke to him these words ” you see me because you came here today looking for the beauty behind the beauty..”

She placed her hand upon his shoulder and he felt the fire come into his own eyes..

Suddenly, she was gone, and he knelt there hearing only his breath and the breaking waves below..

He walked over to the edge of the cliff outside of the temple, he could see the beach below and the sea as far as the horizon..

He knew nothing would ever look the same again, his eyes had been opened and he could now see for the first time..



Beautiful Wanderer 

“I align with the ancient mystics. All comes from spirit. Spirit is the eternal energy of life. The creative life giving, purpose driving, beauty and truth behind all that exists. Without spirit there is absolutely nothing, no matter, no universe or universes, no thought, no passion, no creative force, nothing, not even an empty void..”
Excerpt From: “Beautiful Wanderer” by Tony Gilotte 

Test The Truth 

One of the things that I have found to be a fascinating aspect of the spiritual journey lately in my own life. Is the idea that I can test the truth in my own experience. I am aware of this now more then I  have been. My inner life is a place of experience. I am living and all of my living is experiencing. Every emotion and thought that comes through me is being felt and touched by me. Every breeze and raindrop and storm and sunshine and cold and heat, all that is happening out side of me, is experienced by me.

I am aware that I am aware and therefore I can sit back in this place of awareness and observe everything that I am experiencing as if is happening to me but also happening separate from me. The true me is in this seat of awareness and in this space I can remain myself no matter what else is happening.

I can test the effect of fear for example, by experiencing fear and then observing all of the effects of fear on my mind and my will and my emotions and my body. I can then reverse that by focusing on trust and surrendering my will to the idea that the universe is conspiring for my good and then I can feel see and experience fear leaving and the liberation of faith begin to take effect on my life in all areas inner and outer. 

When I choose to practice love no matter what i will see myself being transformed by the power of love and my level of consciousness raised to a higher level. I feel everything deeper and live from the heart and find good in all things knowing that when something is of God there has to be good and therefore I can love all. This is a spiritual reality that, when tested in the laboratory of everyday life, turns out to be the ultimate truth and the answer to all of life’s ills and challenges. 

This can be said of any spiritual principle. Test it out, in your real life experience, see that the truth is truth because you find it bringing life and joy and peace and wellness and wholeness. The human experience is designed for these things to be the norm. Our experiment has gone ary when we do not recognize the power within each one of us to take control of the inner and outer life by simple living in awareness and allowing what makes us better and refusing what makes us worse.

With love


Soul Expand

Soul Expand 
“Think about all the wanderers in nature. The wanderers in the sea and on the land migrate and move from place to place, look at the sky and see if it ever looks the same two moments apart. We may think we are in the same place as yesterday when we look up to the sky but in fact we live on a wandering planet circling through vast space on its course. We see wandering bodies in the universe present their varieties of beauty. No two days are the same, no two moments are the same, and no two experiences are the same. Let your soul expand and enlarge by refusing to be stuck in sameness.”
Excerpt From: “Beautiful Wanderer- By Tony Gilotte

The Invisible World of Spirit

We all woke up one day in this body that we live in. It has been home for all of us from the first moments that we can remember. We don’t know how we got here and how we manage to live within this vehicle for the soul.

Yet we do know that there is something about this home that is not complete. We sense and some more then others that we are meant for or have come from a different type of existence. Sometimes we sense it more then others and in poinient moments this other world seems to come very close to our current home.

These are moments of awareness that the human experience is simply not what meets the eye. We are physical in our body but the true me living within this structure is invisible and non physical. It is spirit and life. The body is alive when the spirit is within and when the spirit departs the body turns back to dust. 

The human experience is filled with touch points of spirit and these are the experiences that really define us and give us purpose and meaning. Without an awareness that we are more then this body we become trapped in a life of fear and escape from the inevitable horror of non exsistence. The true soul within cringes and recoils from such a though because it knows it’s exsistence has a connection to something infinite. 

A subtle longing or creative urge or discovery of a passion or a recognition of truth and beauty can all be spring boards into a spiritual experience. The key is the response to these touch points when they are occurring. When the sages call for faith they are really reminding us to listen and respond when the other worlds touches ours. We can often find ourselves avoiding or resisting these promptings for any number of reasons.

Developing a response mechanism to spiritual promptings can determine whether or not we live a life in awareness of spiritual reality or live a life in ignorance of it. Everyone is prompted. If the spark of life is within you there is absolute certainty that you have been are being and will continue to be prompted by this other world. 

When you feel the beauty of a sunrise or the inspiration of perfectly placed words or the powerful force of love, and a million other very human and very intangible experiences, you are being touched by the source of all that is. There is no escaping this magic. It is all around us and within us. We have to work hard to resist this spark of life from igniting within us. 

Our childlike heart is a natural receptor to the spirit. The trouble occurs when we experience some sort of pain or disappointment or have experienced human manipulation in the name of something spiritual. The darker side of our nature will use any means at its disposal to control and to grab power when there is no connection to the truth and beauty of lose that comes form the spiritual connection that is or birthright. 

The concept of a spiritual battles is simply this. The fight for our true birthright to live in the wonder and beauty and power of a life of knowing that life is at its true essence, spiritual and infinite. All of the created order reveals this to us, our inner knowing and intuition reveals it, our ancestors and history reveals it, there are innumerable beings from the spiritual realm who moment by moment work on our behalf to give us access to this life. 

Try this, do nothing, just be and allow. Get quite within and give up the control of having to be right. Allow the possibility to see something that can change your life in ways that you could not foresee. The truth of spiritual reality will reveal itself to you if you will simply stop fighting it and just allow it 

With love,

Tony Gilotte